San Francisco Bay Chapter Sierra Club


Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
— Edmund Burke

Corrine L. Van Hook at a rally in downtown Oakland. Photo by Alonzo " Zochi" Young.


The Port of Oakland and the future Oakland Army Base terminal may begin exporting coal and petroleum coke (a byproduct of refining heavy crude oil). The increased freight traffic carrying coal would intensify the air pollution already plaguing West Oakland, threatening local public health and safety.

About 60,000 pounds of coal dust is lost every time an open-top coal train makes the trip from the mine to the export terminal on the coast. Air pollution in West Oakland already causes many health problems for residents, including pollution-induced asthma, cancer, and heart and lung disease. Exporting coal and petroleum coke would exacerbate air pollution in West Oakland and lead to even more health and safety risks.



In order to prevent coal exports through the Port of Oakland and the future Oakland Army Base terminal, the community needs to stand up to Big Coal.

If you want to raise your voice and make a difference in your neighborhood, please add your information on our Volunteer Form and be sure to check the regional interest “Fossil Fuel Exports and Crude by Rail.” We’ll make sure you know about any updates and actions in West Oakland.



Email Chapter conservation organizer Jess Dervin-Ackerman at jess.dervin-ackerman at sierraclub.org.



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