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vote 2014November 2014 Election Endorsements

The endorsements on this page are for Bay Chapter (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Francisco Counties) elections only. Check back in throughout the summer as new endorsements are made on a rolling basis.

To get more involved and help advance our vision for a greener, safer Bay Area and planet, take the pledge to volunteer 10 hours between now and November 4th to help elect environmentally-friendly candidates. This year there are many critical races where we can make a difference—but we can't do it without your support.

Download printer-friendly versions of our endorsement lists for statewide endorsements, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, Marin, and San Francisco, including more detailed descriptions of candidates and ballot measures.

For information on other chapters' endorsements, follow this link.

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* For a printer-friendly version of the statewide endorsements, including more detailed descriptions of candidates and ballot measures, click here.

* * For a list of Sierra Club California priority bills for the 2014 session, click here.

Attorney General

Kamala Harris


Betty Yee

Insurance Commissioner

Dave Jones

Secretary of State

Alex Padilla

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Torlakson


John Chiang

Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

* For a printer-friendly version of the Alameda and Contra Costa County endorsements, including more detailed descriptions of candidates and ballot measures, click here.

Alameda County Ballot Measures

Vote YES on Alameda County Measure BB: Funding for Better Public Transit and Bike and Pedestrian Infrastructure to Help Limit Greenhouse-gas Emissions

House of Representatives

Mike Thompson (District 5)

Mark DeSaulnier (District 11)

Barbara Lee (District 13)

Mike Honda (District 17)

State Assembly

Elizabeth Echols (District 15)

Tim Sbranti (District 16)

Kansen Chu (District 25)

AC Transit Board of Directors

Elsa Ortiz (Ward 3)

Murphy McCalley (Ward 4)

BART Board of Directors

Robert Raburn (District 4)

East Bay Municipal Utility District Board of Directors

Marguerite Young (Ward 3)

Andy Katz (Ward 4)

East Bay Regional Park District Board of Directors

Ayn Wieskamp (Ward 5)

West County Wastewater District Board of Directors

Leonard McNeil

Shirley Wysinger

Alameda City Council

Frank Matarrese

Berkeley Ballot Measures

Vote YES on Berkeley Measure F: Funding for Berkeley Parks

Vote YES on Berkeley Measure Q: Flexible Work Hours to Allow People to Live More Sustainably

Berkeley City Council

Linda Maio (District 1)

Jesse Arreguin (District 4)

Kriss Worthington (District 7)

George Beier (District 8)

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Katherine Harr

Jesse Townley

Dublin Ballot Measures

Vote NO on Dublin Measure T: Protect Doolan Canyon from Development

Dublin City Council

Don Biddle

Abe Gupta

El Cerrito Ballot Measures

Vote YES on El Cerrito Measure R: Preserve City Services Including Parks and Open Space

El Cerrito City Council

Janet Abelson

Gabriel Quinto

Emeryville City Council

Dianne Martinez

Scott Donahue

Fremont City Council

David Bonaccorsi

Raj Salwan

Moraga Town Council

Teresa Onoda

Dave Trotter

Oakland Ballot Measures

Vote YES on Oakland Measure FF: Minimum Wage Increase for a Sustainable and Diverse Bay Area

Oakland City Council

Annie Campbell Washington (District 4)

Michael Johnson (District 6, 1st choice)

Shereda Nosakhare (District 6, 2nd choice)

Richmond Ballot Measures

Vote YES on Richmond Measure U: Funding for Parks

Richmond Mayor

Tom Butt

Richmond City Council

Jovanka Beckles

Eduardo Martinez

Gayle McLaughlin

Jael Myrick

San Leandro Mayor

Pauline Cutter

San Leandro City Council

Corina Lopez (District 5)

Union City Ballot Measures

Vote NO on Union City Measure KK: Stop the Developer Land Grab

Union City City Council

Emily Duncan

Marin County

* For a printer-friendly version of the Marin County endorsements, including more detailed descriptions of candidates and ballot measures, click here.

House of Representatives

Jared Huffman (District 2)

State Senate

Mike McGuire (District 2)

Marin Municipal Water District

Larry Bragman

San Francisco, City and County

* For a printer-friendly version of the San Francisco endorsements, including more detailed descriptions of candidates and ballot measures, click here.

Ballot Measures

Vote YES on Proposition A: Transportation and Road Improvement Bond

Vote YES on Proposition B: Adjusting Transportation Funding for Population Growth

Vote YES on Proposition F: Pier 70 for Community-supported Infill Development

Vote YES on Proposition G: To Help Stabilize the SF Housing Market

Vote YES on Proposition H: Keep Natural Grass and Lighting in Golden Gate Park

Vote NO on Proposition I: Parks Poison Pill to Allow Over-development of Our Parks

Vote YES on Proposition J: Minimum Wage Increase for a Sustainable and Diverse Bay Area

Vote YES on Proposition K: To Increase Affordable Housing

Vote NO on Proposition L: Don't Reverse Transit First

House of Representatives

Nancy Pelosi (District 12)

State Assembly

David Campos (District 17)

Board of Supervisors

Jane Kim (District 6)

Tony Kelly (District 10, 1st choice)

Ed Donaldson (District 10, 2nd choice)

Superior Court Judge

Daniel Flores

BART Board of Directors

Nicholas Josefowitz (District 8)

City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees

John Rizzo (4-year seat)

William Walker (2-year seat)

More information about some of the above endorsements


Betty Yee for controller

The race for state controller is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and hotly contested this June. While the office can tend to fly under the radar, there are several key reasons that environmentalists should be excited to have the opportunity to elect a true environmental champion to this position.

Betty Yee, currently a member of the State Board of Equalization, is prepared from day one to tackle climate Change. Yee understands that climate change is the overarching environmental problem to tackle, and will, for instance, promote clean- and renewable-energy standards for public works projects throughout California. She will use her office to alert public officials around the state that climate disruption is not only an environmental disaster, but is going to cost taxpayers a lot of money.

Beyond climate change, Ms. Yee will use her office to address uncontrolled fracking, water conservation, landfill waste and recycling, and income inequality.

The Sierra Club strongly supports Yee’s campaign for controller and urges you to vote for the only candidate who has promised not to accept campaign contributions from oil companies.


John Chiang for treasurer

Sierra Club California endorses John Chiang for treasurer because of his record on environmental issues as Controller, and his continuing personal commitment to combat climate disruption. As treasurer he will promote investment in distributed generation and support other environmentally beneficial activities. He is sponsor of AB 2045 (Rendon) to create a statewide “Building the Economy through Energy Retrofits” (BETER). The treasurer sits on a variety of state boards and commissions including the California Pollution Control Financing Authority and the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority. The treasurer influences a wide range of public and private investment and policy decisions that affect environmental concerns. John Chiang is the Club’s choice for treasurer.


Dave Jones for insurance commissioner

The Sierra Club endorses Dave Jones for re-election as state insurance commissioner based on his environmental record during his first term. Jones has promoted assessment of the impacts of climate change on insurance risks, and encouraged insurance companies to provide lower automobile insurance rates to people who drive less. Before his election as insurance commissioner, Jones compiled an outstanding environmental record as a member of the California Assembly, including authorship of the Green Insurance Act of 2010.


Tom Torlakson for superintendent of public instruction

The Sierra Club endorses Tom Torlakson for re-election as state superintendent of public instruction.

As superintendent Torlakson has promoted California schools in the National Green Ribbon Program honoring "schools and districts that are exemplary in reducing environmental impact and costs; improving the health and wellness of students and staff; and providing effective environmental and sustainability education, which incorporates STEM, civic skills and green career pathways." He has established an Environmental Education Interagency Network and Environmental Literacy Task Force to help guide California's implementation of Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum. He uses his position to promote green school building design, recycling programs, and environmental literacy for California students.

Torlakson was endorsed by the Club when he ran for the legislature. In the Sierra Club he served as chair of our Mount Diablo Group from 1973 - 1975. He became an ecology teacher in 1970—during the year of the first Earth Day. An avid outdoorsperson, he began backpacking in his youth on Club outings.


McGuire for State Senate (District 2)
Vote for Mike McGuire for state Senate in District 2.
Not only is Sonoma County Supervisor Mike McGuire’s environmental knowledge and record outstanding, his responsiveness to Sierra Club concerns has surpassed “anything we’ve ever seen before”, says Sonoma Group conservation chair Suzanne Doyle. McGuire's election to the State Senate in District 2 will give the North Bay and North Coast another truly exceptional representative, who promises to become a legislative leader in Sacramento from the beginning. We endorse him proudly and urge all to vote for him on June 3. To find out more and to join in his campaign, visit


Vote David Campos for Assembly District 17

At a time when the state legislature is weakening laws and defeating environmental protection, the Assembly needs people who will fight for the environment when big business is putting on the pressure.

This is why the Sierra Club is supporting David Campos for Assembly. Many San Francisco supervisors vote for the environment when it is easy, but Campos is one of the few who fight for the environment when it is hard.

David Campos is the clear environmental leader on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He opposed weakening the San Francisco implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act, which is under assault in Sacramento by the Chamber of Commerce. Campos' opponent, David Chiu, supported weakening. Chiu has received over $200,000 in campaign contributions from Chamber of Commerce interests, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

At the Board of Supervisors, David Campos has been the leader on fighting climate change and an outspoken fighter for implementing CleanPowerSF to offer San Franciscans an option for renewable electricity. Campos has stood up to developers in fighting to prevent development in Candlestick State Park, which his opponent supported. In his position on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Campos worked for environmental-justice issues in regionwide transportation decisions.

With recent California legislative defeats in fracking, clearcut logging, and coastal protection, the state legislature needs someone with a record of standing up to corporate interests to protect the environment.

This is why the Sierra Club supports Campos to succeed Tom Ammiano in the Assembly.


Alex Padilla

Alex Padilla has helped advance environmental policy to reduce waste, fight air pollution, protect water quality and the human right to clean water, and protect wildlife. To continue ensuring all Californians have access to clean water and breathable air, Californians need to be engaged in the political process and exercise their right to vote. As Secretary of State, Alex Padilla will protect voting rights for all and work to encourage more people to register to vote. Sierra Club California is proud to endorse Alex Padilla for Secretary of State.