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Articles from the July-August-September 2009 Yodeler

The Crenshaw high School Eco Club on the trail
Advancing environmental justice in the Bay Area
In the Bay Area, across the country, and throughout the world, low-income and minority communities tend to have worse environments.

Chapter Chair Norman LaForce
State of the Chapter
How is the Bay Chapter faring in the midst of the greatest economic crash since the Great Depression?

What color is your green movement?
With Barack Obama leading our country and Lisa Jackson heading the Environmental Protection Agency, now is a good time to think more about the diversity of our environmental organizations.

The Lennar proposal will reduce the size of the state park on Candlestick Point. The image shows the current park boundary overlaid on the Lennar proposal
To let the development fix the grime
Revising Candlestick plan to meet needs of Bayview-Hunters Point community.

Jobs and environmental justice in Bayview-Hunters Point
For decades many Bayview-Hunters Point residents have lived in the same neighborhood where they worked and operated businesses.

Building environmental justice into the federal bureaucracy
A few issues of environmental justice have raised national scandals; but how can the federal government be mobilized to deal with the thousands of less-publicized environmental threats?

Karen de Leon Photo by Tiffany Saleh
Building Bridges to the Outdoors
All young people deserve to have rich opportunities to experience and explore nature and the outdoors.

A trash can and hydrant substitute for a bench at this AC Transit but stop in East Oakland.
Discrimination lawsuit challenges inequitable transit funding
Does the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) practice racial discrimination?

SF budget hits hard at bus riders
Muni riders face cuts, while auto drivers share little of the pain.

The breathes and the breathe-nots - air quality and environmental justice
Despite fires, landslides, and the occasional burst of the economic bubble, Oakland hills residents live a decade longer (on average) than those in the flatlands below.

Progress on limiting diesel pollution from trucks at Port of Oakland
Spurred by the community, environmentalists, and labor, the Port of Oakland has moved to reduce diesel emissions in West Oakland.

Photo by Ann Job
State environmental-justice initiative comes to East Oakland
For months the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), a division of the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has been meeting with East Oakland residents to find out and prioritize environmental problems in their neighborhoods.

Photo courtesy Solar Richmond, Richmond BUILD, and the Ella Baker Center
Something is working in Richmond
If a polluter pays someone else to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, should the polluter get credit?

Health and social problems are worse in more unequal countries
Equality and health
Researchers find that the countries that distribute their income the most equally have the longest life expectancy and the highest quality of life.


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