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Winter in Henry Coe State Park. Photo copyright Cynthia Leeder, courtesy California State Parks 
Initiative would secure funding for state parks - help gather signatures now!
Park lovers are gathering signatures for a state initiative to provide stable long-term funding for our endangered state parks. Your help is needed now.

Marin expects to sign clean-energy contract in February
Marin Clean Energy, soon to replace PG&E as the main electricity provider for Marin County, passed a milestone on Nov. 5, when the Marin Energy Authority approved a draft contract for purchase of energy to cover MCE's start-up.

Photo by Andrea Pabalan
Clotheslines most cost-effective energy investment
Sierra Club California wants your New Year's resolution to be: hanging your clothes on a line.

The PG$E power-grab initiative
PG&E has drafted and is bankrolling a California ballot initiative designed to undermine renewable energy, stymie competition, and buttress the company's near-monopoly over electricity in Northern California.

EBMUD moves towards greener water planning
Club wins key victories for long-term East Bay water supply - but serious concerns remain.

Golden state goes graywater
We are at a historic crossroads in the fight against climate change.

Releasing steelhead that were blocked below the BART weir in lower Alameda Creek. Photo courtesy Alameda Creek Alliance
The creek, the dam, and the fish: when San Francisco fixes Calaveras Dam, will it fix Alameda Creek?
As San Francisco prepares to retrofit its water system will it take the opportunity to remedy the impacts of its three dams in the watershed?



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