May - June 2010
Vol. 73 No. 3

Water, water - we need to waste less, leave more for nature
Water is never out of season as a topic for Californians, but this year, with a 11-billion-dollar water bond measure slated for the November ballot, water must be especially on our minds.

California water balance by year.
California water primer
Delving into California's water situation can be overwhelming.

Once-through cooling needlessly kills aquatic life
All told, an estimated 79 billion fish and other marine life are killed every year by OTC.

Finding out about your water
Here's a set of questions for you to answer about your own water.

Indoor water per-capita water use.
Who uses how much? California water by the numbers
Figures from the Department of Water Resources and other interesting data.

The potential for water conservation
Water consumption in California, both per capita and per ton of crops, has actually come down in the past 30 years.

State water package falls short; Club urges no vote on bond in November
In November the Sierra Club urges Californians to vote no on the $11.1 billion water bond.

Total Delta water exports before and after Endangered Species Act listing of Delta smelt. Table by Speck Rosecrans of Environmental Defense Fund.
Delta water news: endangered-species protections under constant attack
The Delta ecosystem is collapsing; California's once flourishing salmon fishery is decimated; groundwater resources are being used up faster than they are replenished; and population and water demand are rising.

The watershed approach to planning
If everything is hitched to everything else, how can we plan across disciplinary and political boundaries to solve multiple problems and deal with multiple concerns?

Water and power: joined at the hip
The nexus between water and power, either mechanical or electrical, goes back to the earliest days of power generation.

Water efficient landscapes are dynamic and colorful. Photo by Mark Schroeder.
Making all our landscapes water-wise landscapes.
In California, about half of all urban water use is for watering landscapes.

Where there's rain, there's runoff: integrated water management begins at home
If we have a scarcity of water, how can we at the same time have too much stormwater - and what can we do about it?

Harvesting rainwater at home for conservation and profit.
The rain falls freely, yet is everywhere in demand.

San Francisco groundwater plan holds uncertain prospects for environment
The San Francisco Public Utility Commission (PUC) is studying the option of mixing some groundwater into the drinking water it supplies for the city and much of the Peninsula.

Are our salmon headed towards extinction?
Despite expensive projects, salmon are continuing to die out.